Proctored Testing

TPC Trainco’s mission is to be a leader in the education and training of facility and maintenance personnel. TPC Trainco has been approved to provide EPA Technician Certification and offers EPA proctored exams after their Air Conditioning and Refrigeration training classes, as well as stand alone technician certifications at various locations.

Please visit the TPC Trainco  website for schedules and locations, and to register.

Interested in becoming a proctor?

TPC Trainco is constantly looking to improve its network of proctors available for exam administration. The primary responsibility of proctors is to preside over exams, confirm the identity of the person taking the exam, monitor the testing conditions and ensure the security and integrity of the exam itself. Proctors purchase the exams from TPC Trainco/Martin Learning, and after administering the exam, return the testing materials to TPC Trainco for processing. Using TPC Trainco’s EPA-approved test materials ensures quality, and takes the administrative burden of processing certifications off your shoulders.

To be approved as an EPA proctor, you must be a regular employer (not an independent contractors or sole proprietor) of a legitimate business entity that has been in operation for more than a year, has a sufficient business presence, and is in good standing with the Secretary of State. We will only approve proctors who are proctoring employees of the same company. The proctor and employees proctored must work at the same company. Ideally, the proctor will be a manager or supervisor, or an HR representative.

Your job as the proctor of the EPA 608 examination is to assure to the best of your ability that the tests are taken in a fair and proper manner in guidance with EPA 608 Technician Certification testing regulations published in the Federal Register codified at 40 CFR Part 92, Subpart F, Appendix D. Proctors are required to be registered and approved by TPC Trainco. Both the proctor application and agreement must be filled out and mailed to the following address:

TPC Trainco
Attn: Testing Administrator
PO Box 3397
Englewood, CO 80155

Proctor Application
Proctor Instructions
EPA 608 Student Certification Sheet (Roster)

If you are a proctor click here  for supplies. (Your proctor number is required!)